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Emma Grace

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Emma Grace



Every child deserves a little grace.

By providing a safe, comprehensive after school center for children with or without special needs, we will be able to engage them in social interaction, stimulate development and provide a level of care that gives parents peace of mind.

We offer:

  • 1 Caregiver to every 4 to 6 children - based on ages
  • Birth to Age 18
  • Special needs children OK and encouraged!
    • ADD/ADHD
    • Developmentally Delayed
    • Cognitively Impaired
    • Autistic
    • Emotionally Impaired
    • Speech and Language Delayed

What is A Place for Grace?

A Place for Grace Child Care is a Michigan Corporation that was established for the sole purpose of offering quality child care for ALL abilities.  This includes infant and toddlers, pre-kindergarten, after school and full time summer child care for children with or without special needs.  My inspiration comes from my daughter Emma Grace.  She is cognitively impaired and is going into the 7th grade in a CI Room.  I have struggled for years to find a place for Emma to attend after school and summer that is able to adequately care for her the way she needs to be cared for - not they way they want to care for her.  There is NOT a place for children with special needs in our area.  Currently there are over 6,000 children in Saginaw County classified as special needs.  Almost 700 children within Saginaw Township alone!  The need is huge!

​The word grace is defined as "elegance, beauty, and smoothness of form or movement". All Children sometimes need extra attention when it comes to tasks and experiences that we take for granted. A Place for Grace will provide them with that extra attention based specifically on their need. Children that are cognitively impaired (CI), emotional impaired (EI), autistic spectrum, developmentally delayed or speech and language disabled, will have a place to show them a little grace and love them for who they are! What is even better - is that children without special needs are exposed to children that have unique charactoristics that teach them empathy, humility and compassion.

Our facility consists of experienced staff specifically trained to work with special needs children, and will also include sensory equipment and toys, music and art therapy,  fine and gross motor skills work, language skills and more - all in accordance with your child's IEP.

During the school year, our children will be given the space and quietness to wind down from the day and do what they are comfortable doing and sometimes just play!  Over the summer break, our children will receive all the support and guidance they need to stay on top of the progress they have already made and stay engaged in a culture of learning based on their school's IEP (Individual Education Plan), so they can continue to reach their milestones throughout the summer.

A Place for Grace opened its first facility in Saginaw Township on in 2015.  We offer Infant & Toddler care, Preschool for 3, 4 and young 5s, as well as after school care for school age children from age 5 to 18.  Arrangements can be made with the Saginaw ISD Transportation Department for your child to be transported to our facility from a school within the Township.  Please contact the Saginaw ISD Transportation to see if you qualify.

We understand the importance of integrating general education students with special needs students to develop a culture of peer learning to engage the children in learning from each other.  During the summer months, children will be given the opportunity to integrate with traditional students through field trips and visits to other facilities.     A Place for Grace will give parents peace of mind that their child is well cared for and getting the attention they need to flourish and grow and develop to be everything they can be!    Be a part of our vision - Every Child Deserves a Little Grace.