Support our cause for quality child care for ALL children - no matter what their abilities are!!

Quality Child Care in Saginaw County

(989) 607-1741

Facility Address:

4790 Gratiot Road, Saginaw Township

Located within the First United Methodist Church

Center Hours - 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


A Place for Grace staff will have the right experience in working with special needs children.  They will have complete background checks and drug testing.  Our staff will be training in administering medicine, CPR, behavioral training and ongoing specialized training.

Online donations for tuition scholarships & special services now being accepted!

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What Do We DO?

Our staff will work with your child after school and during the summer to make sure they receive the special attention they need - based on your input, expectations and those of their IEP with the school district.

A Place for Grace is now licensed for INFANTS!!

open communication

Communication between the staff and parents is critical.  Our experienced staff members will be able to contact the parents anytime (or visa versa) when necessary to communicate situations and issues - and especially when things are great!