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A Place for Grace Child Care

  • After school child care for school ages children - ages 5 to 16
  • Full day and half days for infants through age 5
  • Full-day child care for school breaks, special days off and snow days for all ages.
  • Full-day summer child care is expected to include your child receiving: speech and language therapy, occupational and/or physical therapy, art and music therapy, and more..... (all in accordance with your child's active IEP-Individual Education Plan)
  • A Place for Grace has a minimum of 2 scheduled days.
  • Full day considered 5 hours or more, half day is less than 5 hours.
  • A Place for Grace will work with the Department of Human Services for families that qualify for child care assistance.  
  • Some tuition scholarships available - please contact Jenny Dumont.
  • Our tuition rates are competitive to existing child care rates in the area and include all special services your child needs as outlined in their IEPs.
  • We are currently accepting applications with a $50.00 application fee to secure a spot for your child.  You will need to submit an application and with a copy of your child's current IEP.
  • Yes, we love volunteers.  All volunteers must contact A Place for Grace at (989) 607-1741 to be considered as a volunteer.  We do require all volunteers to have ICHAT and Department of Human Services background checks.  Long term volunteers may require TB Testing also.
  • Currently we do not have the capacity to care for children younger than age 3.
  • We serve children diagnosed with mild to moderate impairments. Please review your IEP with our Program Director to make sure we are able to honor your child's needs.
  • Please schedule a face to face interview with A Place for Grace staff to discuss any other questions :).  We are here to make sure your child is honored for who they are!

NEW RATES!!  Effective 1/2/2017

Since we maintain a 1 caregiver for every 4 to 6 children, we saw no need to have a range of tuition based on age.  Therefore, we have gone to a full day, half day and after school rate for all ages, with discounts for multiple days.  We hope this helps to simplify figuring out weekly payments.  

Please feel free to call if you have any questions

Siblings receive a 20% Discount​

Tuition is paid in advance and no credit is given for no shows.​

Special Needs, Their Siblings and Traditional Kids - OK

Call (989) 607-1741 to reserve your spot

​​ALL AGES  - FULL TIME  (More than 5 hours)

  • $55.00 Daily
  • 3 Days (5% Disc) - $156.75
  • 4 Days (10% Disc) - $198.00
  • 5 Days (20% Disc) - $220.00

ALL AGES  - PART TIME (Less than 5 hours)

  • $35.00 Daily
  • 3 Days (5% Disc) - $99.75
  • 4 Days (10% Disc) - $126.00
  • 5 Days (20% Disc) - $140.00

SCHOOL AGE— After School 

     2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • $25.00 Daily
  • 3 Days (5% Disc) - $71.25
  • 4 Days (10% Disc) - $90.00
  • 5 Days (20% Disc) - $100.00

  • 20% Discount for 2nd Child (Applied to lowest tuition rate)
  • 25% Discount for 3rd Child (Applied to 2nd lowest tuition rate)​